Need to start a Service Request?

If you registered for the LifeProof Total Water Protection Limited Warranty and have experienced liquid damage to your device, while it was in the LifeProof case, we’re here to help!

Be sure you have all of the necessary information ready to complete your request.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Your LifeProof
Case and Device

We’re sorry to hear you had an incident and we are here to help – have your products handy as you go through next steps.


Registration Number and
Your Personal InfoMore Info

To find you in our system, we’ll need your registration number and some personal information you used at time of registration.

LifeProof Logo

Credit Card for
Service Fee Payment

There is a service fee to submit and process a Service Request. Please have a credit card ready.

Once your claim is submitted, we will promptly send you a refurbished, replacement device of like kind and quality (same model, same size, color may vary), along with a new LifeProof case.

Not sure you have what you need to complete your service request online?

Call 877-394-6001 (24 hours a day, 364 days a year) or contact us online.